I never…

I never used to bother with the police, I used to quite like them. But see if they’re going to lift me now, I might as well give them something to lift me for.

Quote from a child from Possilpark no older than 13.

To try and combat the problems in Possil, a dispersal scheme was put into place in Dec’ 10. However this did not focus on the real problems, only caused more.

‘I think that they’re doing to young people is that they’re pushing them away from authority, they’re stopping them from being involved in the community, and it sets off a chain of events which leads to kids like these becoming the type of wee neds that do hang about the streets drinking and taking drugs and slashing people.’ Local Youth Worker.

I find this all really sad and am angered at the way in which the government, council and police think they can deal with such ingrained problems. These problems are as bad as they are largely because of these institutions turning a blind eye to the problems year after year. They then result in pushing the idea that it is the fault of the people living in the area, creating huge separations between people as everyone blames each other.

Full transcript where interview was found:



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