Three Wise Women

Three Wise Women

Watched the Tom Wood ‘What do artists do all day?’ last night just by chance. I found his subject matter really interesting, as well as his idea of returning to a certain place day after day until he was immersed in that community.

I think this photo is lovely, and I find his photos of ordinary people really interesting- catching them in their natural setting. I don’t feel the photos judge or tell you to think anything in particular which is something I admire, they just show the subject in a natural manner and allow for you to connect with the person in the photo in whatever way you like.

He said himself in the program that he wondered whether he exploited people by putting the camera in their face for the sake of getting a good picture, which is something I have been questioning, but maybe that risk in his case is worth taking if it changes someones perception of something. Whether that is the viewer looking at a group of young boys, or the young boys and their relationship with Wood. (or any number of combinations)


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