Having had my tutorial today, I feel I need to move into making a little bit more for the project. I have spent a fair bit of time researching the politics, social and historical side of the East End, namely Dalmarnock and Bridgeton, and the repercussions the Commonwealth Games are having (although I still feel I do not know nearly enough). But I haven’t spent that time making so far.

I went into the studio one evening recently, and just did some drawings and collage work to see where it would take me and created some little books that combined cut up images of the demolished red road flats as well as youtube comments, from video’s of the flats being blown up. This has led to some more drawings and collage work, as well as a little animation

I find youtube comments really interesting, as their is a certain anonymity to the internet, and people seem to feel less restricted in saying what they think. This can lead to trolling and horrible things being said, but it can also bring out really touching comments about people’s past.

I have had concerns with how to approach this subject, in terms of really getting to know the area i am looking at, and not just creating artwork that has no relevance to the people that live there or that isn’t sensitive to the history of the area. However this has maybe stopped me making work a bit and so i am trying to just make some stuff and then i can bring these thoughts to it after its made.


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