People’s Palace

People's Palace

People's Palace

People's Palace

Had a look at the exhibition in People’s Palace on the Red Roads. There was a great piece by Mitch Miller there, documenting and preserving some of the interesting and often funny memories that former residents have of the area.

His work seemed to really engage local people and not alienate them. The work relied completely on their input, and allows for viewers to gain a better understanding of the area. As he says in the video I posted previously on this blog, often these flats have been used as some kind of dystopian nightmare in films and the media. Through his work, he has successfully challenged this and shown how these homes were like any other; cared for, friendly, warm and full of fond memories.

I did not actually take any photos of the work at the time as I was too busy reading and looking at it, but I will return and take some. I hope to get in contact with Mitch Miller as well, as he seems like he would have some very valuable things to say.

There were some nice comments left on the board in People’s Palace as well.


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