Pigeon Huts

Pigeon Huts

James built both the huts himself and even has a sofa, stove and 2 hamsters in the smaller hut, which is where he sits to watch the birds. It is also just a way for him to pass the time, with his son passing by, as well as local friends.

His son, Martin, has a tall hut like that on the left, just down from where James’ is, where he has his own set of birds.

I am finding it much more interesting talking to local people in the areas as a starting point for work, and am considering involving them in some way. However, I feel strongly that there should not be a separation between myself and people of the communities, and that I do not exploit them for artistic gain.

I think that any project involving local people should have their input and should benefit them rather than me, otherwise it becomes very ‘us’ and ‘them’.


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